Highest youtube earners

Highest YouTube Earners

Highest YouTube Earners

Top 10 Highest Paid Youtube Partners

Youtube might be a place to share your family and cat videos but for some it is the place to make serious money every month. Plenty have turned millionaires due to Youtube. It is a really nice product to base your earnings from. Let’s see who are the top ten users that earn via youtube.


10 : Ray William Johnson ( Undisclosed )

ray william johnson

He got this spot because his actual salary is not disclosed but we can conclude i love you quotes for her that he is at least in the top 10 by looking at his videos. He is a 23 old comedian and video blogger. He hosts a show =3 where he reviews viral youtube videos. He started the show in 2009 and became one of the top in a year.

9 : Natalie Tran ( $101,000 /  Year )

natalie tran

She has 263 + Videos available on her channel and is the most subscribed in Australia. Her first video was in 2006 and her vlogs are about humorous situations in her life.

8 : The Young Turks ( $112,000 / Year )

the young turks

They are a internet talk show. It was the first online news show and is the largest online news show. It shows exclusive internet only videos and averages 18 Million views per month

7 : Smosh ( $113,000 / Year )


Smosh is a web based comedy duo. It first began in autumn 2005. It has almost 2 Million subscribers and was the most in 2006.

6 : Shay Carl ( $146,000 / Year )

shay carl

Shay carl is a comedian producing videos for his four youtube love pictures for her channels. He is one of the most subscribed entertainment channels in youtube. He has a lot of subscribers in all of his youtube channels.

5 : Fred ( $146,000 / Year )


Fred is a fictional character by a  teenager on youtube. Videos are centered on Fred who is a 16 Year old with Anger management issues and has a voice like he has been bamboozled with a helium balloon.

4 : Niga Higa ( $151,000 / Year )

niga higa

It is a popular internet channel started by Japanese American Ryan Higa. His videos are usually solo efforts. They are known for their comedy videos. His youtube channel is the most subscribed youtube account.

3 : Phillip De Franco ( $181,000 / Year )

phillip de franco

Is an American youtube video blogger and is a youtube celebrity love quotes. His videos are centered on current events, entertainment, politics which he gives his opinions. He has over a million subscribers.

2 : Real Annoying Orange ( $288,000 / Year )

real annoying orange

The annoying orange is a comedy web series. First episodes was uploaded in 2009. They are more than a million subscribers for them.

1 : Shane Dawson ( $315,000 / Year )

shane dawson

Shane Dawnson is a youtube comedian actor. Known for making comedy videos of many occurrences and spoofs. His main youtube channel is one of the highest subscribed youtube accounts.



Royal Thomas

An 18 Year Protagonist in his own story of a world filled with hope and peace. Google+

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  1. some of these peoples videos are really ****ing stupid…i mean seriously, i would be embarrassed to be some of them. i wouldn’t be surprised if they were too. on the other hand, some, like phillip de franco are actually understandably popular.

  2. Not sure what the exact correlation is between views, subscribers uis between views, subscripers, likes and ad dollars but I only had 2 videos on youtube, both involving cats with a total view count of around 4.25 million and I iemade ao little over $900

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