Udemy is a Bad, Bad Place to Buy Courses

Udemy is a web service that lets users sell their courses online. It is actually a wonderful idea and could have been a great product but sadly, they f****ed it up very bad. Buying courses from Udemy have been the biggest disasters in my life. I ended up buying six courses to come to the conclusion that it was just over-advertised and over-promoted junk that should have never received all those reviews no matter what!

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Path to Recovery After Panda 4.0 Hit Me

May 19th, the day I still get nightmares about, the day that Google started rolling out the Panda 4.0 update. The update that sent my links way down in rankings.

To be honest, the second I saw that my website had crashed to such a low stage, I was shocked but not surprised. I knew this day would come as I hadn’t given much importance to this blog for a moment now due to my school and training. I started this blog hoping to post at least 5 blog posts/ week but ended up with nearly 1 / month. Even still until the Panda update hit, I was getting good amount of traffic from Google and my posts were being ranked at the very top.

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How To Increase RPM/eCPM on LifeStreet Media and Other CPM Networks

It’s better to have good a good RPM and low traffic than have huge traffic and low RPM.

Why not earn a lot with a few hundred amount of people online other than getting the same with thousands online. It might sound complicated but it is as simple as it gets. (Impressions/1000) * RPM = Earnings. With a few tweaks and changes to your landing page, you can multiply your earnings tenfold.

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How To Prevent Apache/Cpanel Server From Slowing Down Due To High Traffic

If you are person running a successful website/application you are pretty well aware how much a few minutes of downtime or server time-out causes you. This is what happened to me last week when I had around eight hundred users online on my app.

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Fixing WordPress 404 Errors After Migration to New Server

WordPress 404 errors usually occur after migration from server to server resulting in permission errors and changes in codes and add-ons.

The solution can be as easily as hitting a button to changing and installing addons onto your server via command line. 90% of the issues are solved by the easy one click method.

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Is Google Racist Towards Countries Like India and Pakistan?

Ever since I shifted from India to Ireland, I’ve been feeling this vibe that Google is treating me much much better because of my location.

I had a very hard time trying to get accepted into adsense and faced multiple problems with Google search engine but ever since I started posting from Ireland, it all seemed to change.

This is just a personal opinion. Suggestions, improvements and criticisms are very welcome.

Case 1 : Adsense

It is already news that Google generally only accepts these “High Risk Countries” websites that have an age of over 6 months, in only a few rare situations do they approve blogs without taking this to mind. Never mind the 6 month wait, to get approved your website must be pitch perfect in every aspect.

In my case, I tried to submit a blog of mine to Google and they kept rejecting it. I had no clue what was going on. I tried everything, added everything they asked me to and fixed every corner of the website. It still didn’t work. I gave up.

Then I came to Ireland, I submitted another application with my address in Ireland and the very next day they approved me without any issues. It felt a little weird that they approved but I didn’t mind it as it was a great accomplishment to get into Google adsense. It was only later on I understood the VIP treatment that was coming my way.

Case 2 : Author Markup and Rich Snippets

Just like in the previous situation, I was having a hard time in India trying to get my picture up on Google search results. The situation was the same with Rich Snippets too, I waited almost 4 months after I updated my blogs with Author Markup. I had no luck at all, waited and kept rechecking every day. Luck? None.

After I shifted to Ireland, the change was here. Suddenly my posts started to rank very high for no apparent reason. My Rich Snippets and Author Markup came up in almost a week since I came to Ireland.

Case 3 : Google Index Speed

While in India, my posts used to get indexed to Google only after 10-20 minutes or so on average. Magically, the first post I sent for manual indexing on Google got indexed within three Seconds. Unbelievable? I think not. Some of you might think that it was due to my blog gaining rank in Google and the search juice might have increased? No. On the same day that my posts started to get indexed very fast, I had made another site namely, “Ireland Quotes” ( I haven’t updated it in a long while ). I tried indexing posts from that blog and the posts on a 5 Hour old blog started to get crawled and indexed within 3-10 seconds.

Well you can’t blame Google for being so strict on countries like India because of the amount of spam they receive from the country, the countries that Google tends to not praise include India, China, Pakistan, Many African Countries, well you get the point. We spammed, now we’re paying the price. Once we mend our ways, hopefully they will mend their rules.

Will Your Rankings be Affected If Someone Copies Your Content?

When people steal your content it has two sides to it. The first is that your readers love your content and want to post on their blogs about it. The second side to it is that they want to steal your traffic and probably rank higher than you.

Taking the second side to your mind, you wouldn’t want anyone to copy your content when you’ve spent your dear time writing it all from ground up.

Till authorship was introduced to Google, copied content was a huge problem, Big G had to clue about which content is original and which was copied so it would randomly hurt one of the two blogs. But recently, after the authorship was introduced, everything has changed and there is hope !

Why is it so hard for Google? No one actually knows why but the original content is surely the one that got indexed first. Why can’t Google make an algorithm for that?

“When” and “How” can your blog be hurt?

Like I mentioned above, after the authorship has arrived, others copying your content is not a serious issue. But this is only when you have your webpage indexed to Google and have authorship enabled on the post, else Google will go back to it’s old forms and get confused about which post is original once again.

These copied posts will affect your site in a huge way, if you do not take action against them. There have been reports of copied content ranking higher than the original content. Google also tends to devalue sites that have copied content, so you’re in for a disaster.

What should I do now?

If your content has been copied and already indexed by the other user you should ask the owner of the blog to take it down instantly. If they do not agree to taking it down then contact the host and warn them about DCMA. They will take the blog down very quickly. Also inform search engines about the copied content before your “rival” does so.

Use this DMCA Report tool to ask Google to get the content removed from Google Search

If you are in the safe zone and want to protect yourselves from being copied then the best solution would be installing Google Authorship to each and every post and making sure that you index your posts as quickly as possible. Also, do a tweet with the link to your post and make a Facebook post, this will help spiders to reach your website and conclude that the content belongs to your author account.

Installing copyscape and other copy prevention tools will only work on a small scale, if someone is determined to copy, they will. There is no way you can rank prevent people from copying your content, they just do. You will just have to face these people.

5 Ways To Earn Big Money With Your Facebook Page

Have huge pages on Facebook and still earning very few these days?

Facebook is presently the biggest social network around. With a clever approach we can use up the biggest social gathering on the planet into a tree that grows money for us.

We’ve gathered up by digging into some old data, great methods to earn using your Facebook pages. Read the steps below to understand and begin making money off Facebook.

1 – Affiliate Marketing

Many will surely be familiar with this term, what it basically means is : You sign up for a network and advertise their products. You get a % of every sale as revenue. You can make plenty off this and plenty are making a living of over hundreds of thousands of dollars using affiliate marketing.

Affiliate market is a great market to get into if you are lucky for the big bank balance, don’t stop at Facebook, there are plenty of other ways that you can earn in this market. For eg; You can make websites, send out emails, tell your friends about the product and pay for traffic to your websites.

2 – Advertising @ Your Page

If you’re Facebook is popular enough, you might get it to attract potential clients that will pay to have their logos in your cover picture or just random posting about their products. The more active your page is, the more money your advertisers pay you.

Don’t be too hopeful of getting an advertiser to your pages. There are plenty ( thousands ) of pages with more than a million likes. I might be exaggerating a bit over here but you get the point, it isn’t easy to get a person to actually pay you to sponsor them unless your page is extremely viral.

3 – Providing Traffic to Other Sites

The title explains it all, there are thousands of users on the market who are willing to pay for each and every visitor you bring to their website. They pay you on the basis of CPC ( Cost Per Click ). You can get from as low as 0.01 Cent per click and even as high as $3 Per Click, it all depends on the location of your likes. If you have plenty of users who have liked your page and are from (US, Canada, Australia, UK or Ireland) then you are in luck as these will bring in a lot of cash.

MyLikes is a great service that gives you money for each user you bring to the advertiser’s website. I have used it myself and I must say that it is pretty much the easiest way for you to make money off your Facebook page.

4 – Run Your Own Viral Scripts and Apps

Get your creative mind and your programming brains out and make yourself a cool website or an app for Facebook. After completion, you can use your Facebook pages to bring in users to your websites and make huge revenue from it.

Frankly speaking, this can make you thousands and thousands of dollars every day. I have reached a revenue of around $1000 in a single day.

5 – Sell your page ( Shhhhh )

When you are out of options on what to do with your page, you can go out and sell it in the marketplace. But this should always be your last option. The marketplace is full of scammmers, so you should not sell it to anyone you find online but do a background check on them before doing so.

The reason I included the ( shhh ) in the title is because selling your Facebook pages is not “allowed” according to Facebook’s terms. If they find you trying to sell your page, they might block you and your profile. It isn’t worth the risk at times.

So what are you waiting for ? Go out there and start making yourself a millionaire.

Pirate Bay Blocked in Your Country? Here’s what you can do

On July 12, High Court gave ISPs in Ireland to block access to Pirate bay in 30 days. This was done after IRMA reported that Pirate Bay was supporting copyrighted content in a huge scale.

Pirate bay, and officials from different companies have always been fighting against each other in court and it looks like they have done it again.

But luckily for us, the whole network of Pirate Bay hasn’t been blocked but only the main website. The website can be accessed by using one of it’s proxy sites.

Method 1 : Use of Pirate Bay Proxies

Pirate bay proxies are a set of websites that link you directly to the pirate bay servers. It will help you unblock the original domain and everything will be just like how you always knew it.

Here are a few Pirate bay Proxy Sites :

Method 2 : Use of VPN ( Virtual Private Network )

Virtual Private Networks are Private networks which you can use to access websites. Your data will be encrypted and so will your Ip-Adress. It is the safest method to give you a private browsing experience. But beware, illegal activities can still be traced if officials have contacted the companies behind these VPNs.

Cyberghost and Hotspot Shield would be the best free VPNs according to me.

Method 3 : Use other Torrent Networks

Just because we are in love with Pirate bay doesn’t mean that we cant try new websites. So why not go try out some of the new torrent websites that are just as awesome, well almost as awesome as The Pirate Bay.

Some Great Torrent Search Engines : Torrentz, ISOHUNT

image – flickr

Got Adsense Rejected for Copyrighted Material? Solution !

Getting an adsense account approved is one of the key milestones in a blogger’s life. It tells you that your blog is good enough to be considered an advertisement platform. But when your account has been rejected then it’s a bit of a hassle to get around it.

One of the most known ways that Google rejects users is due to Copyrighted material. New Bloggers may not be aware of what it means and how it works. Basically a huge percent of all information on the internet is copyrighted, this includes videos, music, blogs, images etc. If you keep posting copyrighted content from sources then there’s a huge chance that you won’t get accepted.

Copyright Situations

Case Scenario #1 : “I applied for an adsense account with a tech blog about the latest tech news. It has images that I have found on Mashable and Huffington Post. I have edited the images and put my website’s logo on it so that the image’s copyright has been mine now. I also copy  posts from mashable when I am out of ideas. Why did google reject me?”

What your mentality is about copyright is totally wrong, you cannot copy images from other sites that have reserved copyright, to do so you can try some great Sites like Flickr and buy some stock free images. Best option would be going out and take the photos yourself. Editing the image will not make the image yours but will only make the effect of the copyright harder on you. Copying content will also count as a violation of copyright.

Check your blog, Make sure that you haven’t copied anything, even if you think that the other user won’t mind, Google will mind.

Adsense Rejection for Copyrighted Material

Case Scenario #2 : "I have a website where I share free movies and music downloads for the people, I do it so that everyone can enjoy and I have applied for adsense and they rejected my request. I don't post the content but just link to it then why did Google say that I have violated copyright rules?"

Just because you are linking to the content doesn’t mean that you are not violating copyright laws, google doesn’t allow ads to be displayed on sites that link to copyrighted files too. It isn’t much different than the case where we copy images from other sites.

Google has the following on their TOS : “AdSense publishers may not display Google ads on webpages with content protected by copyright law unless they have the necessary legal rights to display that content. This includes sites that display copyrighted material, sites hosting copyrighted files, or sites that provide links driving traffic to sites that contain copyrighted material

Always make sure that you are going with the TOS to keep your earnings flowing. Happy Blogging

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